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Johannes Möller

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Johannes Möller stands out as a progressive musician who remains faithful to the tradition that produced him. The latter has brought him all the recognition the classical music establishment has had to offer: awards from among the most prestigious musical colleges in the world (Royal College of Music, London, Amsterdam Conservatory); international competition success (including the coveted Guitar Foundation of America Prize); and even an engraving of his name on the walls of the Concertgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam. All these things are indicative of the musical calibre we have come to expect from international concert players, yet Johannes is known primarily for things other than his performing excellence.


Acquiring his skills in both performance and composition at an early age and in a free setting provided Johannes with the highly characterised and idiosyncratic voice that many listeners around the world have come to admire. It seems clear that it was an instinctive urge to create that drove this course, and with these beginnings Johannes was set to become an icon of 21st century music-making.


It was through composition that a twelve-year old Johannes Möller found his musical beginnings. By 14 he had already attracted the attention of some of Sweden’s top instrumentalists, who subsequently recorded the young protégée’s work. As his desire for musical creativity increased, so too did his appetite for world musics. With a particular interest in the music of India and the Far East (notably China), Johannes joined the ranks of those who have sort to homogenise global influences into a single artistic statement. It is this 21st century musical character that Johannes has brought into the limelight – a quality that has marked him out among many others of his generation.



Biography written by Guy Traviss, 2016

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