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Deadline to register: Monday March  9th, 2020




Junior division ages: 6 - 13 years old.

Senior division ages: 14 - 18 years old.

*Any competitor who is 18 years old MUST be in high school.   ​


Both divisions will have two rounds: Preliminary and Final. 

Preliminary Rounds (both divisions): This round will last no longer than eight minutes but works selected may be at any duration the competitor chooses. Judges will stop the performance at 8 minutes. Should this occur, it will in no way be detrimental to the scoring. This round is closed to the public.


Three competitors will advance from the preliminary round to the final round. ​

Final Round Junior Division: a program lasting between five to eight (5-8) minutes.

Final Round Senior Division: a program lasting between eight to twelve (8-12) minutes.

As in the first round, the judges may stop any competitor when the time limit is reached. Any program that does exceeds the allotted time will not be penalized. However, the judges will only consider music performed within the allotted time. All decisions of the judges and competition director will be final. This round will be open to the public.


REPERTOIRE: All Repertoire is chosen by the competitor themselves. All competitors will submit a copy of their proposed program to upon registration. 


Junior Division (Ages 6-13)

​​First: $200

Second:  $100 + $50 Gift Certificate to

Third $50 Gift Certificate to

Senior Division (Ages 14-18)

First: $300.

Second: $100 + $100 Gift Certificate to

Third: $100 Gift Certificate to

​*All competitions are subject to a minimum number of enrolled competitors. In the event that the minimum number is not met, it is to the discretion of the Festival Committee to either cancel the event or make modifications to the event prizes. All changes will result in the opportunity for competitors to withdraw without loss of entrance fee.



Any communication regarding the competition and festival must be sent by e-mail at ​​

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